Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hello, y'all!

Ah, how are all of you!? Hope your summers have been blessed! :)

We've missed "visiting" with y'all so much! We have now started mortonclanthree, where we will, Lord willing, now be keeping the records, newsie tid-bits, thoughts and going~on's of the Morton clan!!

See ya' there!

Love, Adeline


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hello, y'all!

Ah-isn't this a beautiful evening!? It's so cool...there's been a charming breeze almost all day, and everyone is refreshed...Thank You, Lord.

Alas, this poor blog won't work, either-they tell me I've used up our allotted Picasa space or something-I've no clue what any of that stuff is, or what to do about it...So, I am stumped with blogspot. However, this is becoming a wonderful way of forcing ourselves to start that website we've been hoping to launch for a while now-that's still in the works, though, but Lord willing it will be up in a day or two! I hope to post the link here.

We painted the front porch today! The new color is-green!!! How fun is that? I think we like it. It looks very calming.

We had leftover pizza for supper tonight. It was very good. Oh, and we cleaned out our computer cabinet today!! I just love getting those catch-all spots clean and tidy!! At least for a while. :) It just makes you smile when you're finished and look back at the transformed area!! (Aubry, I shall try to post a picture of The Wonder, to prove that it can be done. :D The computer is still tilting, but, hey, we can deal with that...just get yourself a leaning neck brace and a tilted chair and voila!! ;P)
We pulled weeds in the garden today, and went to town. Those weeds are getting fewer and fewer!!!
Ah, and we're really missing our men, as (some of) them are working out o' state this week... I'm so looking forward to seeing them this weekend!! They're so precious...

I hear thunder outside...I think we might have some rain tonight! I love rainy nights...The patter or raindrops puts you to sleep, and the fog afterwords that covers everything like a light, down blanket...Then the next morning, it's lifted willingly so the sun can peep up from behind the trees and make the wet grass sparkle like millions of little crystals...Ah, indeed, storms at night are wonderful...God is the Master Artist.

Well, I'd better skip to bed-Goodnight, everybody!!

Love in Him,


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Technical Difficulties...

Sorry, dears!! Hope everything will be back up soon!!